Clickworker is a site containing micro jobs for earning extra income. Clickworker pays you per task you complete. But is it a legitimate work from home job to make cash online? Here is my review!

Micro jobs are small tasks that can’t be done by computers. For this reason, platforms such as, Clickworker, hire people to do many small tasks for a little cash. Do enough small tasks and you can make a decent amount of extra income! Clickworker may be a great side hustle if for you. #sidehustle #extraincome #money #sidegig #personalfinance #saving #WAHM #SAHM #mom

Those of you familiar with Stock Street know we preach living the 60/40 Life (make an extra $60 per week, 40 weeks out of the year).  We do this through what we call time efficient side-gigs (TESGs).  Clickworker has the potential to be a TESG, but you need to get approved for a certain section of Clickworker which we will go over in this article.

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What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a site containing microjobs.  Clickworker pays you per task you complete.  For example, today I completed three different types of tasks which were available.

  1. I searched on google for specific websites and provided information about their page rank and google address.
  2. I searched a website with information about page rank and information on a specific company in the website and provided the information.
  3. I rated songs on a newly launched music website.

Each task does not pay a very high amount of money.  Today’s tasks ranged from 3 cents to 9 cents per task.  The key to Clickworker is doing jobs which will average $6-$10+ per hour.  For example, the google search job only paid 3 cents per task, and each task took less than 30 seconds to complete.  If you can complete three task per minute, it will still only average out to $5.40 per hour.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge payout.  Yesterday, there was a 24-cent task payout available; it really depends on the day and what tasks are available that day and time.

The real money to be made with Clickworker is through UHRS.  We go over this below.

How to signup in less than three minutes

Signing up for Clickworker is extremely easy and quick.

Step 1 –  You can click here to sign up for Clickworker.

Step 2 – Select register

Legitimate work from home job


Step 3 – Select your country of residence

Clickworker – Is it a legitimate work from home job?

Step 4 –  Add your personal data, address, email, login details, time zone

Clickworker – Is it a legitimate work from home job?

Step 5 – Confirm your email address

Legitimate work from home jobs

How to earn income

Once you login you will see this as your homepage

Legitimate work from home jobs

You will see available jobs under the “All Jobs” tab.  These are basic jobs which do not require any type of assessment.  You can immediately start doing these jobs, but I would highly suggest you fill your profile then go to the assessments and finish those before anything.

Clickworker – Is it a legitimate work from home job?

Your profile and assessments

Once you login, you should go to your Clickworker profile on the top under “profile.  You can complete this profile which only take a couple of minutes.

Clickworker – Is it a legitimate work from home job?

After you complete your profile, you should take the English assessment.  This will take 15 – 20 minutes depending on your proficiency in English.  I finished this test in 16 minutes and 18 seconds with a 100%.  I am a native English speaker, so this test was extremely simple and easy.

After you take the English assessment, you will have to wait up to two days until you see the UHRS assessments available for you.  They will appear under the assessments tab on the right side under project assessments.

Clickworker – Is it a legitimate work from home job?




The following is taken directly from the Clickworker website about UHRS:

What is the UHRS?

UHRS means “Universal Human Relevance System”. It’s a partner website that can be accessed over and where you can process additional jobs. It normally deals with categorization of internet data and web pages. However, there are some more particular tasks, such as comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

Who can work on UHRS?

The access is not activated for all clickworkers, since it depends on whether these tasks are available for a certain country. At present, there are approximately 20 countries involved. On demand (i.e. when there are new tasks for a new country) other countries can be added at any time.
Warning: The UHRS provider has configured the use of the website for Internet Explorer version 6, or later versions only. Therefore, access is unfortunately not possible with other browsers, or the website only works in a very restricted manner.

How do I qualify for work on UHRS?

The assessment sessions “UHRS I” and “UHRS II” can be found under “Qualifications” in the menu.

Both must be successfully completed. While the first part tests language and investigation abilities, one receives the LiveID (necessary to finish) during the second part. This is normally sent within a few minutes, but in exceptional cases, it can take up to 48 hours. If you do not receive this e-mail, please check your spam folder. Once you have the LiveID, you can complete the training and finish the UHRS registration. The “Compare Web Search Results” task in your Job List also brings you to the UHRS platform.


The key to Clickworker is getting on the UHRS platform.  This is where the highest paying jobs will be found and where you will make most of your income.  It will be country specific, so those outside of certain countries may have less work than those inside certain countries.


How do they pay?

You have the option of being paid via direct deposit payment or PayPal.

When do they pay? 

The payment depends on the work you do.

Clickworker – all jobs completed on Clickworker are payable after 7 days.

UHRS – work done through UHRS is payable every 21 days.

Both Clickworker and UHRS payment depends on the method of payment selected.  Paypal or direct deposit will depend on how much the balance of your account must be before pay.  Generally, the balance of the account will have to be between $5-$10 before payment.

In the end, Clickworker is a viable source of income for those who are looking to make some extra weekly income.  You are not going to make huge money with Clickworker, but you do get to do tasks at your own convenience and can make an extra $60 per week.  The learning curve for Clickworker is not steep, so you should be able to generate some income pretty quickly.

In closing, I consider Clickworker a time efficient side gig and legitimate work from home job.

Anyone interested in Clickworker can click here to sign up. 

Does anyone already use Clickworker?  Does anyone have any positive or negative thoughts on Clickworker?



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