There are two categories of people who will read this article about the Rockstar Finance forum: bloggers and readers.

When it comes to personal finance, the readers scour the internet, often seeking knowledge on a particular subject, or for an answer to a question.

What if there was a place where the people who write the blogs and the people who read the blogs, came together?

I have some great news: Rockstar Finance has a forum bringing both groups of people together!

Why Non-Bloggers Should Join

The Rockstar Finance forum is different

The Rockstar Finance Forum is different because of the quality of people you will come across inside the forum.  If you go to the very first page of the forum, you will see many profile pictures of some very well-known personal finance bloggers.  There are people who have been published in places like Business Insider, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, just to name a few.

I have lurked around many a financial forum; particularly Reddit.  While Reddit isn’t a bad place to find information, you really have no idea who in the world is giving you guidance.  I mean, it could be a drunk homeless man in Chechnya for all you know.  He may think a 401k is a codename for James Bondakov, a famous KGB agent turned rogue against mother Russia (sorry got carried away here, let’s get back to topic).

If you go to Rockstar finance, you have hundreds of people whose brains you have the potential of picking.  If you need a question answered on a 401k, you will probably receive some pretty great guidance on there.  The best part is, if it is one of the bloggers responding to your questions, you can always check out their website to see if they know what they are talking about.

I can’t think of many other sites with the opportunity to have this type of interaction, mixed with vetting the person you are receiving information from.

Engagement Topics

There are many different topics encompassing personal finance on the forum.  There are topic discussions on debt, investing, budgeting, retiring early, minimalism, just to name a few.  One of my favorites are the book reviews.  You can pop in and see what other people interested in personal finance recommend reading.

Maybe you see one of your favorite personal finance bloggers is reading a certain book so you know it’s worth a read!


Personal finance may not come naturally to you; you may be the type who needs interaction and motivation. If this is you, you may want to stop by the money challenge topic in the forum.  Each week Derek Olson adds a new topic regarding money challenges and goals.

You can pop in each week and partake in the weekly topic.  This can be anything from challenging yourself to update your net worth, to the challenge of paying it forward.

Why Personal Finance Bloggers Should Join

Fans and Traffic

The first time I posted something in the Rockstar Finance forum, I had traffic to my website.  You may develop fans while spreading your knowledge and helping visitors in the forum with motivation and guidance.

The more you engage on the forum, the more fans you will likely create and the more traffic you generate.


You will likely develop great relationships with the bloggers on there as well.  The more you stop by and engage, the more you will likely be rewarded as a blogger; I know I have visited quite a few websites of the bloggers engaging on the Rockstar forum.

Through the Rockstar forum, I have personally found some great new websites I now frequent.

You are helping people

As a personal finance blogger, you are focused on helping people.  Every week there is at least one new topic on the forum you can add value to.  For example, there was a Roth IRA question posted recently with 14 replies, many from personal finance bloggers.  You can reply and share your knowledge if you have any on the subject.

Just as I am writing this, there was a post asking advice on renting out an extra room to generate additional income.  Maybe you have advice or personal expertise to share on that topic; you can add value by helping that person.  I bet you will even create a fan if you give great guidance on a topic like this.

A Symbiotic Relationship

Unlike Reddit, the Rockstar Finance forum brings together well know personal finance and investment bloggers, with readers.  It allows interaction in on centralized location where readers can have a back and forth with many different personal finance bloggers; unlike when you comment directly on a single blog post in the comments section.

Bloggers are both able to help people through guidance and motivation, as well as gain traffic and potential new followers to their sites.

While I have been a member of the forum for a few months now, I have not been active enough.  I decided this week I will be more active going forward. If you are a personal finance blogger, I challenge you to either sign up, or increase your activity in the forum as well.

If you are a reader, I challenge you to sign up for the forum; you may find great guidance, motivation, and even some great new blogs to follow.

Thanks for reading!


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