Way back in 1996, there was an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets fed-up waiting for the cable guy.  Instead of letting the cable guy keep making him wait, he reverses his circumstances by making the cable guy wait.  In the episode, Kramer gets a rare win against the cable company.  You can get a win just like Kramer did by saving money on your monthly payment; you don’t even need to cut the cord.

Here is a snippet from the hilarious episode:


Isn’t it ironic? Over twenty years later, we still have those same problems. (Or maybe it is more depressing than ironic)

Today, miraculously, the cable and internet companies are still giving us the same runaround.  You can get a win just like Kramer did against the cable companies; your win will just be paying them less money.  You can think about these two companies as if you were hiring Kramer to do the work for you, instead of putting hours into dealing with these companies yourself.

Here are two companies able to help you in your endeavor to save money on your cable and internet and get a win against the cable companies.

Updated – October 1st, 2017

Billfixers – Save without changing your current services 

Saving money on cable bill with billfixers

Billfixers is quite an interesting concept.  When I first started researching the company, I figured they were like many other companies I had come across.  Most companies try to save you money by finding a new provider at a lower price.

Billfixers does NOT lower your costs by finding a new provider at a lower cost.  Rather, they negotiate with the cable companies to reduce your CURRENT services. 

You can save upwards of $300 annually just by having them contact your provider and negotiating on your behalf.

The company figures, if you receive a lower cost for the same services, you will be happy with the service they provide.

How to sign up

Billfixers is great thanks to the speed and simplicity of their sign-up process.  There are three easy steps to get going with the company.

  1. Create an account through this link: Billfixers
  2. Submit your bill pdf to Billfixers.  If you need a tutorial how to get your bill you can click here. 
  3. The company will negotiate with your provider and come back to you with the savings within one bill cycle.

It is crazy easy.

How it works

Billfixers calls your provider on your behalf and they negotiate your rate for your services.

I want to make this clear because it is important.  Billfixers does NOT do the following:

  • Make downgrades without your permission (they will contact you to get your permission if they get a downgrade offer).
  • Add services or features for an extra cost.
  • Cut services or features without confirming with you.



Like all things, there are a few negatives with Billfixers:

  1. Billfixers receives a portion of your savings as their fee.
    • For example, if they negotiate your bill and save you $300 for the year, they will receive 50% of the savings for a one year period. If they save you $300, their fee is $150 from the savings and you receive $150 of the savings.  However, all savings after the first year is 100% yours.  This means on year two and after, you will receive the full $300 of savings.  It is savings you wouldn’t otherwise have, so either way, you net a better result using them.
  2. They will cancel your service for a fee.
    • If you just want to cancel your services, they will do so for you but charge you a fee.

Overall, the negatives are minimal and there is no downside risk to using them.  I care about the NET outcome of services like this, and the net outcome should be a positive savings amount for you.

If you like your provider but just want a better price for what you currently have, this is the company for you.

To sign up with Billfixers, click this link:  Save money with billfixers

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Movearoo – Save by changing your current services


Movearoo is an interesting concept.  It is a joint venture business between Verizon, AT&T, and Century Link.  It is a consortium to help customers with moving needs.

Basically, when someone moves to a new town, or a new state, you need to cancel the cable and internet, then find a new provider (or perhaps the same provider in the new location).  You call Movearoo and they help do this for you.  They will find you the best deal for the services you desire.

When I used Movearoo I was not moving to a new city.  However, I was outside my contract so I had the ability to move my provider without any repercussions.  If you fit into this category as well, you can use Movearoo to shop better deals with the providers in your area.

How it works

Movearoo isn’t as technological as Billfixers; you actually have to pick up the phone and call the company old-school stylez.

Here is the number you can use to contact Movearoo:  1-844-211-4603

You will simply call them, tell them your address and what you are looking for, and they will shop it out for you.


  1. You have to call Movearoo and there is no way of working with them strictly via the web.
  2. Unlike Billfixers, they won’t contact your current provider and negotiate a better deal for your current services.
  3. If you are inside a contract, you may not be able to benefit from them.

Both Billfixers and Movearoo are viable options to help you save money on your monthly bill.  If you want to lower your current services and provider with no changes to your plan,  then Billfixers is for you.  If you want to shop a new provider and are outside your contract, or if you are moving to a new area, Movearoo is what you are looking for.

Here are the links to their sites again to try them out: Billfixers, Movearoo

Thanks for reading and happy savings!


Has anyone used Get Billfixers or Movearoo before?  Has anyone read this and saved money through one of the services?


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