Federal student loans are so complex there is a chance you don’t even know you qualify for a federal program. Whether it is lowering your monthly payment with an income based repayment plan, or perhaps student loan forgiveness options, or even loan cancellation and forbearance solutions, you could benefit from having an analysis done. If you discover you qualify for a federal program, you could save thousands! #debt #money #debtreduction #budget #financialfreedom #personalfinance #moneytips

You are probably thinking to yourself – Why should I pay extra money for a student loan analysis?!  I pay enough each month toward my loans, the last thing I want to do is spend more money!

The truth is, not everyone is going to benefit from an online student loan analysis.

Many individuals are currently paying their student loans with no problems.  They won’t refinance or consolidate or change their payment options, they aren’t struggling to make payments, and they have done the research and know they do not qualify for any federal student loan programs.

If this sounds like you, you may not need to worry about an analysis.

However, if you are interested to know for sure if you qualify for any type of federal loan protection, such as loan forgiveness, deferment, forbearance, income driven repayment plans, then a student loan analysis may help you.

If you are also thinking of refinancing your student loans, then a student loan analysis may be for you.  You may want to read my article about it here: 5 Crucial Reasons NOT to Refinance Your Student Loans

The goal to paying your student loans is to pay them as quickly and/or efficiently as possible.  An analysis has the potential to find a solution for you to increase the speed you payoff your loans, or reduce the amount of money you have to spend, or both!

The fact is, you may fit into one of the categories of debtors who can benefit from the protections federal student loans offer.  And, like many people out there, you may have absolutely no idea you qualify for these programs!

Now, let’s talk about the online student loan analysis program I recommend.

Student loan help

SLADE™ (Student Loan Decision Engine) 

There are services out there where you can pay up to $500+ for a student loan analysis.  While these offers usually will come with help from a consultant, the price is steep to hire a professional to pour through your loans and find potential personalized and unique solutions.

I love the SLADE™ analysis because it uses the patent pending SLADE™ Logic Engine.  It will ask you questions about yourself and your student loans to isolate the potential solutions you may qualify for.

There are over 700 potential questions, but, usually, you won’t answer more than 25 questions.

The great thing about the analysis is that it costs about 90% less than a consultant – only $39.99!

Why do you need an analysis?

Many people with federal student loans don’t realize just how complex they are, and how many federal solutions there are for individuals.

Federal student loans have:

  • 32 different loan types
  • 59 unique loan status codes
  • Ten distinct loan origination date segments
  • Resulting in 18,880 unique combinations!

The SLADE™ Logic Engine can hone in on your individual potential to qualify for these 18,880 combinations.

For example, did you know there is something called an unpaid refund discharge?

If you left school with a federal loan you get some money back if you dropped out within 60% of a semester.  If your school did not properly refund the proportional percentage of your last semester’s payment – that money is owed to you, along with potential interest and fees!

The SLADE™ analysis would reveal potential qualifications for this.  It will suggest what paperwork to submit and where to submit it to request a refund discharge.

If the analysis found you a solution like this, you would be reimbursed the amount plus interest!  And, of course, the loan analysis will have paid for itself.

You can read more about this here: Student Loan Strategies – Did you Drop out of School with a Loan?

This is just a random example of the potential out there you may be missing.

What do I get with the SLADE™ analysis?

The SLADE™ analysis will provide you with the following:

  • Show your different federal loans
  • Give you repayment estimates for different repayment plan structures
    • Standard
    • Graduated
    • IBR
    • ICR
    • REPAYE
  • Show you eligible solutions and which loans qualify for each solution such as (but not limited to)
    • Loan forbearance
    • Loan cancellation
    • Loan discharge
    • Loan forgiveness
  • Provide you with implementation forms and guidance how to follow those forms

An analysis is not for everyone, and it does cost $39.99.  If the analysis can discover solutions for you, you could make that money back over tenfold!

Of course, there are no guarantees you qualify for any federal programs, and you may end up considering it just another expense.

That is the risk, and it’s up to you if you have that burning question in the back of your mind –  Is there, just, maybe, a potential solution I can take advantage of to save me money on my student loans?

It’s up to you to make the best decision for yourself.

If anything I have written has intrigued you and you believe you may benefit from a student loan analysis, you can start that analysis by clicking here to go directly to the SLADE analysis page, or by starting the online form embedded below:


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