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  • President's impact on the economy
There I was, the year was 2008, and I was sitting in an Italian restaurant in a Publix supermarket shopping center in central Florida.  I was dressed to a T...
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  • M1 Finance Logo
When I was a broke college student, I had fantasies of being a sexy investment guru.  Mind you, this was way back when Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” was blasting through...
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  • Bowmore Legend
Hi Scotch Street fans!  For those who are new to Scotch Street, this is a place where we write stream of consciousness posts about personal finance after drinking scotch. I...
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  • What to do if you are denied by Amazon Mechanical Turk
Have you been denied by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk?  I feel your pain; I was also denied by Mturk when I applied.  It is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why...
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  • Scotch Street - Jura Origin - Financial Blogging
Welcome to Scotch Street on the Rocks: stream-of-consciousness writing on money “told through” a scotch.  The rules of Scotch Street are as follows: Drink a fine amount of scotch Record...
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  • Eggs in one basket
Once upon a time I had a meeting with a builder.  This builder had a booming business in the early to mid-2000’s, but was struggling when I met with him...
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  • Rich Friend
There was a time when I believed (like most people) that merely being rich equates to wisdom with money.  As if the moment one becomes wealthy, they become the financial...
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  • Penned from the train 1
Well hello everyone.  It is I, Robbie, who has missed his connecting train to Riomaggiore.  Luckily, we were able to catch a 10:45 pm train.  We will be arriving around...
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