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  • investing in united airlines

Using the United Airlines PR Nightmare to Learn About Investing

Quick!  Pop quiz!  Pencils out, cell phones in your pocket.  This quiz only has one question and you have 20 seconds to answer. Quiz question: United Airlines (owed by United...
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15 Ways to Save Money and Reduce Expenses without Changing your Lifestyle

Everyone wants to reduce expenses so they can save money, yet nobody wants to change their lifestyle. I, myself, am a good example.  I own this personal finance blog; I write about...
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  • dividend stock investing

Why Millennials Shouldn’t Care About Dividend Stock Investing

In this article, I’m going to go against the idea that dividend stock investing is the ancient key to stock market performance. I know, I know, so provocative, right? Whether...
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  • Online surveys to make money

7 High Quality Companies for Online Surveys to Make Money

Have you thought to yourself, “Can you really make money taking surveys?” I thought about doing online surveys to make money for a couple of months before I pulled the...
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  • Doing your own taxes

5 Things to Know Before Doing Your Own Taxes This Year

For some of you, it’s the second most wonderful time of the year, the time when you get your tax refund! For others, it’s the worst time of the year,...
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  • My Investment Portfolio

My Investment Portfolio – First Quarter 2017 – Added to my KORS Position

My Investment Portfolio If you haven’t done so, I highly suggest you first read my page about my investing strategy here: My Stock Portfolio Page   Can you believe it?...
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  • Investing in municipal bonds

Investing in Municipal Bonds for Dummies

Some people are crazy about investing in municipal bonds. Can you blame them? The tax efficiency really is appealing to a lot of people and, over time, they have been...
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  • Investing in Stocks for Beginners

Investing in Stocks for Beginners – 3 important ideas

I’m just going to come out and say this. I LOVE STOCKS. Just because I love them, doesn’t mean you have to love them when you are a beginner investing...
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