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  • stock market and economy relationship

The Stock Market is Not in A Serious Relationship With The Economy

Recently I’ve read multiple articles discussing the stock market and the economy.  Some of the articles I read reference the stock market being an indicator of the economy.  They say the stock market is up...
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  • save money

Voilà – How to Automate your Finances to Save Money

Does anyone out there like being lazy?  Ok, maybe I should reword that question; I think I will get some mixed results to that one. Does anyone out there like doing...
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  • How much do I need to save for retirement?

How Much Do I Need to Save For Retirement?

(This post was updated February 13, 2017 to better explain and elaborate on some of the more complex ideas) Ohhh, the age-old question, “How much do I need to save...
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How to Budget – Remember, Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie!

What are Stock Street’s views on budgeting? Budgets are stupid, who needs them, they are a waste of time, a mere pain in the arse. Just kidding! These are all...
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Scotch Street on the Rocks: Financial Blogging Under the Influence

Welcome to Scotch Street on the Rocks: stream-of-consciousness writing on finance “told through” a scotch. Today’s stream-of-consciousness article is “told through” Jura Destiny. A peated whiskey from the isle of,...
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Uber Hack – Get Paid for Your Commute to Work

Have you heard of Uber before? If you haven’t, you either have been living under a rock or in Spain (I just visited two major cities in Spain a month...
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Stock Street is Joining the Yakezie Challenge

Come one, come all, lend me your ears, for I have an announcement to make. I am happy to announce that Stock Street is joining the Yakezie challenge today! There...
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Livin’ the 60/40 Life

Stock Street started as a platform for me to regurgitate the knowledge I have accumulated to help people better understand personal finance and investing. However, I realized early on that...
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