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2017 Stock Street Update

Hello Readers! December was a fun, crazy month, filled with holidays and travel for me. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to add anything new to Stock Street during December. I...
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IPO – Understanding Why Stocks are Born

Stocks have a stork that delivers them to the world.  While there are many storks who serve in the IBSSF (Investment Bank Stock Stork Force), some of the most known stock storks are...
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Sometimes, Extrapolation can be the Lucifer to Investing

Lucifer, Beelzebub, El Diablo, the Price of Darkness: THE DEVIL!  Yes, sometimes extrapolation is the devil. Shall I explain?  I shall. You see, when we extrapolate we are taking current...
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What are Bonds? – James Bonds the debt assasin

What are bonds?  No we are not going to be talking about the magical bonds between fathers and daughters.  While the bond between father and daughter is an amazing facet of life,...
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Understanding Term Life Insurance Using your Facebook Relationship Status

Term life insurance is what you get when you commit a heinous felony.  Wait a second, that’s a life term sentence. (yeah, sorry, that was a terrible joke) Let’s try...
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What is an Annuity – The Intangible Enigma

I would imagine most people responding when asked about annuities would be about the same as the response from Ron Burgundy. Annuity?  Como what?  Is that even English?  Baxter, you speak Spanish,...
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What is Permanent Life Insurance – Flashback to perms from the 1980’s

  Types of permanent life insurance include whole life, universal life and variable life policies.  These policies are considered permanent life insurance because they should last for the insured’s entire life.  Permanent...
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401k Taxes, and your Kind of Weird Uncle Sam

Ahhh, the 401k.  The former 201k of the year 2009.  I can’t tell you how many times in 2009 I heard the joke: “I had a 401k, now I have...
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