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  • Investment Portfolio

How I Build My Investment Portfolio – Mid March 2017

My Investment Portfolio If you haven’t done so, I highly suggest you first read my page about my investing strategy here: My Stock Portfolio Page When I was 8 years...
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  • How Bonds Work

How Bonds Work – What Are Bonds? James Bonds

I am very excited to share my new video with you!  I spent a lot of time on this video and I am really happy with how it turned out. ...
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  • Amazon mechanical turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Is it a viable way to make extra income?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (AKA MTurk) is probably the best site for micro jobs. What are micro jobs? Micro jobs are very short tasks done by a worker via the internet....
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  • Starting a Blog

Blogging is Dreaming – Starting a Blog

I’m about to do something I don’t do very often.  I’m going to insert a little art, a little romanticism, a little raw passion, into this personal finance blog.  I...
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  • Legitimate work from home jobs

Clickworker – Is it a legitimate work from home job?

Those of you familiar with Stock Street know we preach living the 60/40 Life (make an extra $60 per week, 40 weeks out of the year).  We do this through...
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  • Snapchat IPO

Are you an IPO Gremlin? The Snapchat IPO

All of you born after the late 1980’s are probably wondering what a Gremlin is. Here is a definition of gremlin by yours truly, “A gremlin is a short-sited creature who...
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  • freebies

Using Compliments to Get Coupons and Freebies

I LOVE compliments. I mean, who doesn’t love compliments, right? Everyone loves a good compliment. It can make your day better, it can lift you up, it can give you...
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  • stock market and economy relationship

The Stock Market is Not in A Serious Relationship With The Economy

Recently I’ve read multiple articles discussing the stock market and the economy.  Some of the articles I read reference the stock market being an indicator of the economy.  They say the stock market is up...
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