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The Ultimate Freebie Directory of the Best Personal Finance Blogs’ Products – free eCourses, eBooks, spreadsheets, templates, and more!


Welcome to this fantastic directory of freebies from the best personal finance bloggers across the internet!  These bloggers have spent hours and hours creating amazing freebies for their readers, and you should be taking advantage of their amazing free products.

All of the products featured on this list are completely FREE.  Many of these bloggers offer free eCourses, free spreadsheets, free email courses, free templates, even free eBooks!

Browse around, find some interesting products, and go signup…hopefully you will become a fan of many of these bloggers!


The Ultimate Free Product Directory

from The Top Personal Finance Blogs 

*Some blogs do not have direct pages for their free products so pay attention to their popup.  Often times the popup has the signup for the free product.  If the popup does not appear, hover your mouse over the tab in your browser, it may help it appear.

Blog NameFreebie CategoryFreebie TypeFree Product Description / Title
Adventures In Mobile HomesInvesting
Free eBook - Guide to getting started in mobile home investing
Afford AnythingPersonal FinanceGuideFree Guide - Escape
Broke MillennialPersonal FinanceWorksheet#GYFLT Worksheet which includes my 5 step plan to get you feeling more in control of your finances.
Budgets Are SexyBudgetingTemplateMultiple free budget templates
Celebrating Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceEmail CourseMaster Your Money email course
Christian Personal FinancePersonal FinanceEmail CourseMake More Money and Save More! Email Course
Christine LukenPersonal FinanceWorksheetMoney is Emotional Free Workbook
Debt Free After ThreeDebtGuideThe Anti-Budget Budget Guide for a hassle-free way to track your money.
Divdend Growth MastersInvestingSpreadsheetFinancial Ratios Spreadsheet - calculate over 25 financial ratios!
Downsize your 2080Personal FinanceSpreadsheets
Interactive Charitable Donations Goal Setting and Tracking Spreadsheet.
ESI MoneyFinancial IndependenceeBookGet a free copy of "Three Steps to Financial Independence."
Family Money PlanPersonal FinanceTemplateTop 10 Ways to Start Making Extra Money
Financial Best LifePersonal FinanceeCourse7 Day Money Sprint
Financial MentorPersonal FinanceGuideFinancial Mentor: a step-by-step Blueprint for building wealth that actually works.
FitnancialsPersonal FinanceTemplateFREE resource library with free printables
Freedom Is GroovyPersonal FinanceExpense TrackerExpense / portfolio tracker
Frugal RulesFrugalityeBook31 Steps to Financial Freedom E-Book
Good Financial CentsPersonal FinanceeBookFree Money Dominating Toolkit
I Heart BudgetsPersonal FinanceTemplateFamily Budget Template
Life and BudgetPersonal FinanceWorksheetSlay your finances checklist
Listen Money MattersPersonal FinanceeBook ChapterGet a free chapter of Mastering Mint
Love Family HealthBloggingScheduleSeven Day Strees-Free Blogging Schedule
Mad FientistFinancial IndependenceSpreadsheetsGet free access to the FI Laboratory and join over 68,000 others on the fast track to FI!
Making Sense of CentsBloggingeCourseHow to Start a Blog Free Email Course
Making Your Money MatterPersonal Finance
Checklist for Creating Your Own Complete Financial Plan in 12 Months
Mighty Bargain HunterSaving MoneyeBook49 Ways to Spend Less
Millennial Money ManPersonal FinanceeCourseThe Free M$M Blogging Course
Miss Millennia MagazineDebteCourseGet Our FREE Get Out of Debt Quickly Mini-Course
Mom and Dad MoneyPersonal FinanceeBookThe New Family Financial Roadmap
Money Mini BlogPersonal FinanceeBook7 FREE money & productivity books and more exclusive resources
Money NingSaving MoneyeBookHow to Save Money on Everything!
Money WizardPersonal FinanceeBookHow I Saved $100,000 by age 25
My Fab FinancePersonal FinanceeBook7 Life Changing Money Tips
My Wife Quit Her JobExtra IncomeEmail CourseLearn How To Make Money With An Online Store
Nerds Eye ViewFinancial PlanningeBookThe Kitces Report on "Quantifying the Value of Financial Planning Advice"
Old School ValueInvestingTemplateValue Investing Checklist Collection
Our Financial PathFinancial IndependenceChecklist Freedom Checklist - You deserve to reach your goals and live a happy life... you will find something of value in this 5 step worksheet to freedom.
Peer Finance 101Personal FinanceeBook9 Favorite Personal Finance Tools eBook
Penny ThotsPersonal FinanceCheatsheet Fee cheat sheet to help you save money and grow your wealth in as little as 30 days
Personal ProfitabilityPersonal FinanceBootcampWeek long Personal Profitability Bootcamp
Physician on FireFinancial IndependenceSpreadsheetsThe best free spreadsheet known to mankind.
Planting Money SeedsPersonal FinanceeBookHow To Set Your Financial Priorities ebook 
Present Value FinanceFinancial Independence
Financial Independent Analysis Model
Reach Financial IndependenceFinancial IndependenceGuide30 STEPS GUIDE TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.
Retire by 40Personal FinanceeBookMarriage & Money eBook
Retired Before DadPersonal FinanceeBook6 Easy Income Streams You Can Start Building Today!
Side Hustle NationExtra IncomeReportFree Report: The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money
Six Figures UnderPersonal FinanceeBookGuide to Getting a Month Ahead Financially
Stefanie O'ConnellPersonal FinanceeCourseCash Confidence Challenge to Master Your Money in 7 Days!
Stock StreetPersonal FinanceEcourse120 Minutes to Your First Stock Market Investment
Student Loan HeroStudent LoansCheatsheetYou could save $21,810 on your loans 100% free.
Sun Burnt Saver
Personal Finance
Email course
http://rush Your Budget Challenge - A 4 week free email challenge that will tackle some of the biggest budget obstacles.
TawcanInvestingTemplateDividend stock Portfolio template.
Teens Got CentsSaving MoneyeBookSeven Days to Centsible Savings
The College IvestorStudent LoanseCourseHow to get out of student loan debt
The Diary of a Frugal FamilyFrugalityeBookFree eBook 101 ways to start saving money today.
The Retirement ManifestoPersonal FinanceTemplateFree Net Worth Template
Wallet HacksPersonal FinanceFinancial ToolsWallet Hacks Money Toolbox, a set of power tools to get ahead financially and in life.
Well Kept WalletDebtTemplateDebt Snowball form
What Mommy DoesBloggingeCourseHow to Start a Blog - Free Step -By- Step Blogging Course for Beginners
Yes I Am CheapDebteBookHow I Repaid in 50k in Less than 2 Years


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About the directory

Recently, I created a free email course called,, 120 Minutes to Your First Stock Market Investment.  After I created my free email course, I realized there was no website dedicated to free blogger products where I could promote my free course.

Since there are so many great bloggers with so much fantastic content, I decided to build this page.

As personal finance bloggers, our goal is to guide you down a path to better yourself financially.  We want you to save, learn about money, get rid of your debt, reach financial freedom, learn to invest, and so many more important ideas regarding money.  What better way to do this than by taking advantage of the FREE products we provide!

This list is filled with a plethora of useful tools.  There are free templates to help manage your money and free budget spreadsheets to help you pay down debt.  Included in the list are entire eBooks written by amazing bloggers with the sole purpose of helping educate you about money.  There are free investing email courses to help you understand investing.   Oh, and not to mention free online courses to learn from extremely talented personal finance bloggers.

I hope you decide to take advantage of many of these freebies…they are at your fingertips!

I equally hope that you become fans of many of these fantastic bloggers.  This list is as much an effort to promote their free stuff to you, as it is to help them gain more fans.

Thanks for stopping by, this database of free products offered by the best personal finance blogs.  If you know someone who deserves to be on this list, please tell me!  If you are a blogger who wants to be on this, email me!

Oh, and don’t forget to signup for my free email course 😉

Thanks, everyone!



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