About Stock Street

Well, well, fancy meeting you here. Thank you SO much for reading Stock Street.
This website has transformed from a simple platform for me to regurgitate my knowledge of finance, to an attempt to create content revolving around three important themes:

1. Entertainment

Stock Street was not initially supposed to be for entertainment purposes. But, due to my personality, she transformed into an attempt to entertain; I just have trouble keeping my writing dry, serious and sarcasm free.

Entertainment sections include:

Scotch Street, Random Ramblings, YouTube Videos

2. Education

Many articles are written to educate our readers about a certain topic related to personal finance or investing. Usually, these articles carry the element of entertainment and sarcasm, but are written as an attempt to enlighten you on a certain subject.

Education sections include:

Personal Financial Strategies, Retirement Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Insurance, and Annuities.

3. Extra Income

A whole section of Stock Street is dedicated to showing our readers how to earn extra income. When I started creating content for Stock Street, I quickly realized how important it is to help readers accomplish their financial goals. The ability to create what we call time efficient side gigs (TESG’s) to supplement income can solve so many of life’s financial quandaries. We created the idea of the 60/40 life life to help our readers tackle life’s financial complications, and we write about extra income opportunities to give you tools to combat those financial complications.

4.  My Portfolio

Each month I track my portfolio so you follow along with my progress.  I am a long-term value investor and I have an extensive page showing my ideas on investing and how to build a portfolio the right way.  You can access my portfolio by clicking here: My Stock Portfolio

About Me

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Robbie, and Stock Street is my baby. She exists to fuel my desire to bring a little humor, a little sarcasm, and a little self depreciation (Did you get it? It’s deprecation hehehe), to the world of investing, business and finance.

I started my career in financial services as an intern in 2007 in the big apple at a bank that shall remain unnamed. After the incredible Wall Street experience of getting yelled at and screwing up lunch orders for an entire summer, I proceeded to Florida to work in the financial services business. My mind has been a sponge, and I like to think I have ingested much knowledge.

I consider myself a value investor and a firm believer in the teachings of Benjamin Graham, and, of course his greatest student, Warren Buffett. If you ask me there is a lot of comedy in the way people approach investing, business, and financial services. I do my best to bring rational thinking to many of the irrational ideas inherent in those areas.
So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Stock Street. I hope she makes you laugh, I hope she makes you cry, but…since I am her father, you better respect her 🙂