Come one, come all, lend me your ears, for I have an announcement to make. I am happy to announce that Stock Street is joining the Yakezie challenge today! There is no better motivation than making yourself accountable and inserting a little competition to what you are trying to accomplish. I am hoping for a big 6 months ahead as I ramp up Stock Street.

What is the Yakezie Challenge?

The Yakezie Challenge is the brainchild of Sam over at Financial Samurai. Those of you who are not familiar with Financial Samurai, take a look at the site here:

Financial Samurai is one of the most popular finance blogs on the internet. Sam writes some great content and I am a fan of his work; so I am happy to take a swing at the challenge.

The goal of the challenge is to join the ranks of the top personal finance bloggers. Many top bloggers in finance are members, and I have no small feat ahead of me to try and get Stock Street to the level she needs to be 6 months from now.

How does the challenge work

The Yakezie Challenge revolves around a website’s Alexa Rank (I just found out Alexa is an Amazon Company). The first part of the challenge is installing the Alexa Ranking on the sidebar of your website. As you can see if you scroll down, Stock Street is currently sitting around the fifteen million mark (15,250,815 as of today).

The goal of the challenge is to write consistently, as well as work with other personal finance bloggers, and try to move my ranking under to 200,000. So, from fifteen million to two hundred thousand sounds a little crazy, but It has been done before (I think it’s been done before at least, I’m actually not sure if it’s been done!)

The other hurdle to this is that I only have six months to accomplish the 200,000 Alexa Rank.  Yikes.

I have no small feat ahead of me; from fifteen million to two hundred thousand we go!